• Professor of image and signal processing at the university of Lyon - INSA, France
  • Deputy director of CREATIS (Medical Imaging Research Laboratory)
  • Head of the MYRIAD Image analysis and modeling research team at CREATIS
  • Associate editor of the IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control (IEEE TUFFC)
  • Technical committee member of MIDL international conference
  • Meta-reviewer of IEEE ISBI international conference
  • Previously, Associate editor of the IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (IEEE TIP)

Research profile

  • Representation learning, heterogeneous data fusion
  • Physics-guided artificial intelligence
  • Domain adaptation through reinforcement learning
  • Uncertainty modeling
  • Quantification of clinical indices from imaging
  • Cardiac imaging, vector flow imaging, simulation imaging

Key (recent) publications

Fusing Echocardiography Images and Medical Records for Continuous Patient Stratification
Arxiv (2024)
Nathan Painchaud, Pierre-Yves Courand, Pierre-Marc Jodoin, Nicolas Duchateau, Olivier Bernard

Domain Adaptation of Echocardiography Segmentation Via Reinforcement Learning
MICCAI (2024)
Arnaud Judge, Thierry Judge, Nicolas Duchateau, Roman A. Sandler, Joseph Z. Sokol, Olivier Bernard, Pierre-Marc Jodoin

Physics-Guided Neural Networks for Intraventricular Vector Flow Mapping
IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control (2024)
Hang Jung Ling, Salomé Bru, Julia Puig, Florian Vixège, Simon Mendez, Franck Nicoud, Pierre-Yves Courand, Olivier Bernard, Damien Garcia

Echocardiography Segmentation with Enforced Temporal Consistency
IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging (2022)
Nathan Painchaud, Nicolas Duchateau, Olivier Bernard, Pierre-Marc Jodoin

Asymmetric Contour Uncertainty Estimation for Medical Image Segmentation
MICCAI (2023)
Thierry Judge, Olivier Bernard, Woo-Jin Cho Kim, Alberto Gomez, Agis Chartsias, Pierre-Marc Jodoin